Art Maui 2016

IMG_3846-2Every year I look forward to Art Maui.  Well, at least for the last seven or so years.  Although this year is the third year I’ve submitted and the first year I got selected,  I have been involved in Art Maui for some time now, only on the other side of the canvas;  as a model.  A fortunate opportunity that over a three year span enabled me to watch, listen and learn from an elite group of established artists.  And now, Art Maui is my time of the year to wrap it all up! To create something new, not only as a marker for my own growth and development but also as a look inward to where I’m at and where I’d like to go.

This year I was gifted 2 large canvases about 3 weeks prior to submission day.  I was up for the challenge.  After a short period of contemplation, I went for it.  Of course, the second canvas…as the days and deadline got closer, was not going to dry in time, so at the last minute I grabbed a little mini 4″x4″  that I had painted a few months ago, along with the 40″ x 50″ that that I worked so hard on and headed for the MACC.

Satisfaction was all I felt that day after paying my $40.  A small price for the tremendous sense of accomplishment and completion of my 3rd year.  Just two days later, I discovered the little mini of my nephew made it in and I hauled the large portrait home …simply elated!